Christmas Interior Decorating – How to Find Your Creative Inspiration in 3 Steps

Santa Claus is coming soon, and you still haven’t decorated your home for him or her. Perhaps you feel that something is missing from your decor.

-Don’t panic!
-Don’t hide behind the closet!
Avoid wrapping yourself in a plastic box to decorate!
-Don’t reach for the scissors and stare at the tangled Christmas lights.
-Don’t add any extra ingredients to the eggnog to soothe your nerves.
-Don’t look at ornaments, but imagine your family as targets!

These are the steps that North Pole elves used to help you find creative ideas for decorating your home’s interior.

1st step

Keep your goal in mind. Your goal is to decorate your home so that you love walking in it and inviting others to come. The outside lights are only half of what you should be focusing on, the interior is just as important. So you can feel Christmas coming… so people can talk about how beautiful your home is (hey, it’s okay to have fans who admire your unique interior decorations). No matter how many interior decorators may offer you ideas, it is your personal taste that will determine the perfect Christmas decorating design. Because we have individual tastes, personalities, and styles that inspire us, no home can be decorated exactly the same.

Second step

You need to narrow down your mood. To find your Christmas decorating inspiration, the second step is to define the mood you wish to create in the space. How do you want the room to feel? Are you more formal or informal? March of the Wooden Soldiers with Laurel & Hardy or White Christmas With Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney movie. You can make your own gingerbread house, or buy one.

Remember that you can combine two styles and moods as long as they are harmonious. How do you achieve this? It’s simple: choose your primary mood preference and then add “decor sprinkles”, which are your secondary preferences. The secondary preference can be introduced in small quantities to prevent them from clashing. These I call “decor Sprinkles”. Let’s say, for example, you want your home to reflect a relaxed white Christmas theme. However you don’t want it too formal. The second preference is decor sprinkles of fun. You can.

You can:

Decorate your home using wreaths with snow spray and white ribbons with silver bells. To resemble snow, place white felt fabric on all tables. Clear Christmas lights, various shades of silver round ornaments, fresh cut white flowers, and beautiful doll angels with white feathered wings and white eyes are all good options. Place silver ribbons and bows under the tree to decorate it. These are the primary mood preferences for elegance.

Add some fun decor touches! You can add adorable snowmen figurine ornaments to your Christmas tree with red scarves or red roses. Also, you can add mistletoe to the centers of your doorways. Finally, insert small red and white striped candy canes into your snow-covered wreaths. Red is your little SPLASH! You must be careful not to overpower the secondary preference. The holiday magic word for this is “subtle”. These are secondary mood preferences for fun.

You and your family will be able to visualize designs that bring joy and comfort by narrowing down the mood you prefer for Christmas.