Five Tips to Maximize Your AC Use

Although some areas of the country are trying to stay warm, others feel like the heat is too much. Our air conditioners are more important than ever as temperatures are climbing closer to triple digits.

Your air conditioner will be using more energy, which can affect its ability to cool your home efficiently. There are some things you can do to improve your AC’s performance. These are some of the best ways to keep your AC running cool, without increasing your monthly bills.

Three Ways to Optimize your AC Operation This Spring

Air conditioning systems will see a lot of usage throughout the year. There are some things you can do that will optimize your AC system’s performance, keep you cool, and reduce your monthly bills.

  1. Adjust the Temperature of Your Thermostat

To ensure optimal comfort and avoid high bills, the Department of Energy suggests that your AC be set at 78 degrees F when you’re home.

  1. You must ensure that everything is in order

One of the best ways you can help your air conditioner is to check for air leakages in your home. Your AC unit’s performance can be affected if you have windows or doors that allow warm, humid air into your home. You can find air leaks by checking your windows and doors. Weatherstripping or caulking can help you fix them.

  1. Switch on and off to save electricity

For every degree that the temperature is raised, about 6 percent of electricity can be saved. Your electricity bill will rise if your AC is kept at a lower temperature.

If you leave the AC on at its default temperature, you can save as much as 24 percent electricity. This is four degrees less than the difference multiplied by six percent.

  1. Fan + AC = Lower Energy Consumption

When the AC is on, keep the ceiling fan on. They work together to keep the room cool and ventilate it. The temperature won’t need to be constantly lowered.

Start by turning on the fan to cool the room. Then turn on the AC.

  1. Keep in mind to schedule maintenance

It may seem unnecessary to maintain your home when you can save money and make repairs as they arise. Maintenance is not a cost-saving service, contrary to popular belief. Maintenance is not a service you have to pay for. It is an annual tune-up that will increase your air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. It will reduce the wear and tear that your system experiences, which will help it last longer.

Get a Cool and Comfortable Season with Our Help

Even with all the best practices in operation, your air conditioner will still be used for long periods of time. Our team is here to help. Our team can offer not only tips to keep you cool but also air conditioning system maintenance that will keep your unit in peak condition. Air On Demand can provide Air conditioning service that will keep you cool throughout the season.