Plumbing Services: Expert Plumbers to Solve Your Drain and Sewer Problems

The blocked drain in the shower is one of those household problems that can be frustrating and disruptive. Newcastle residents are similar to homeowners in other cities regarding the inconvenience of a clogged sink. Expert plumber services offer efficient solutions that precisely tackle drain and sewer problems.

This article explores the common issues associated with blocked Shower Drain Newcastle and how professionals are prepared to solve these problems.

Blocked Shower Drains: Common Causes and Solutions

Blockage of shower drains can occur for many reasons. Plumbing experts can provide a comprehensive fix for blocked shower drains. These are the common reasons why shower drains get blocked:

  • Hair Buildup

Hair accumulation can be a major cause of blocked bathroom drains. Over time, hair can become stuck in the drain and combine with soap residue or other debris. These clogs are a major cause of drainage problems and can, if not addressed, lead to complete blockages.

  • Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits such as magnesium and calcium can accumulate in hard water pipes. These deposits reduce their diameter and make the water drain more slowly. Over time, these deposits could cause a blockage in your shower drain.

  • Foreign Objects

Sometimes, foreign objects such as small toys, jewelry, and even toiletry articles find their accidental way into the drain. These items can cause blockages.

  • Aging Pipes

In older plumbing systems, the pipes may be corroded. Pipes age and their interior surfaces may become rougher. Debris will be easier to catch on these surfaces.

Expert Plumbers

When you are faced with a shower drain that is blocked in Newcastle, it can be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself or rely on drain cleaners purchased at the local store. But quick fixes only offer temporary relief. They can also worsen problems in the future. Professional plumbers use their expertise and specialized instruments to resolve issues correctly. How they fix blocked shower drainage:

  • Thorough Inspection

Professional plumbers perform a thorough inspection of the shower drain, as well as the plumbing surrounding it. They use sophisticated tools like drain cameras to identify the exact nature and location of the obstruction. This step is vital in determining what the best solution is.

  • Drain Cleaning

Depending on the degree of blockage, plumbers may use various drain cleaning techniques. Drain snakes or augers are used to clear mild clogs. Hydro-jetting could be needed for blockages that are more stubborn or significant accumulations. Hydro-jetting makes use of high-pressure, high-temperature water to clear blockages.

  • Pipe Repairs or Replacement

If the blockage is causing damage to pipes, a professional plumber can replace or repair them. It is the best way to prevent future leaks and blockages.

Why use a Professional Plumber for Blocked Shower Drains?

When it comes to blocked shower drains in Newcastle, hiring a professional plumber is a great option.

  • Advanced Tools, Equipment, and Technology

Plumbers are equipped with specialized tools to effectively clear blockages, restore proper drainage, and remove obstructions. These tools can be difficult to find for homeowners or DIY enthusiasts.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Plumbers provide preventive maintenance tips to help homeowners avoid future blockages or costly repairs.

  • Long-Term Fixes

Professional plumbers provide long-term rather than short-term solutions. This method ensures the problem is resolved completely and there are no recurrences.

  • Time and Cost Savings

Professional plumbers will save you both time and money. DIY efforts can worsen the problem and cause more damage.