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Bonjour! Do you need a new writing project? You’ve arrived. We’re seeking talented authors at Beapartments.com.au. We appreciate everyone who’s considering collaborating with us. You help us communicate information with readers.

What’s The Point?

Our blog is frequented by hundreds of individuals each month, and they’ll all read your article. You’ll also get our SEO services. Remember, we can’t accept every submission. We’ll let you know within three days if your submission is rejected.

We need authors who like writing about home décor. Whether you’re an ardent home decorator or a new writer, we need you. Follow our instructions and suggestions.


Writing for us has several benefits. Our values are clear. We always employ SEO so our readers notice your post. About 10,000 home décor enthusiasts visit us each month. When we post your content, we leverage hyperlinks to promote it.

Traffic Quality

Online businesses need traffic. Traffic equals opportunity. More connections equal more chances to grow your business and profile. The better your posts, the more visitors you’ll get. Quality traffic is more essential than quantity. We try to make the web traffic you obtain even greater than your content.


SEO is one way we improve quality site visitors. Guest blogging boosts domain authority. With descriptions and keywords, we can boost your search engine rankings, making them more accessible to home decor keyword searchers. This will improve site traffic and ensure that individuals seeking your content read it. This can boost sales and contracts.

Social Networking

We’ll improve your social media presence. You’ll build your social network and boost your social media presence. Our readers will visit your blog or website and social media accounts to witness your efforts. You can obtain new clients and contacts here.


We expect 90% uniqueness for guest blogs. Comparison postings and plagiarized content aren’t allowed. Send us proposals or drafts. Sending a complete draft is faster. You’ll know within 3 days whether you’re accepted.

We offer a few writing subject suggestions. These subjects are optional.

  • New home-decor ideas
  • Product reviews
  • Homemaking tips
  • Launches

New contributions may have other issues. We prefer unprotected submissions. We’ll have to update the accepted article. Read-protected files complicate this. We want articles between 500 and 2000 words long. Self-promotion postings aren’t allowed. You can put a short bio in the post. We’ll check the uniqueness of each contribution, so don’t publish it elsewhere. Duplicate articles on different sites destroy distinctiveness.

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